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The principle and structure of the hub motor

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Background technique:

        Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) refers to an unmanned transport vehicle equipped with an automatic guiding device such as electromagnetic or optical, which can travel along a prescribed guiding path, and is mostly used in warehousing and other industries to realize automatic material. Handling and handling.

        The currently known AGVs are equipped with electromagnetic or optical guiding devices, or the paths are detected by ultrasonic sensors, etc., but the installation of these devices increases the connection with the controller, making the system structure more complicated, and the work of the sensors is susceptible to work. Environmental impacts increase potential instability and increase overall system cost, installation difficulty, and later maintenance costs.



Technical realization elements:

        The technical problem to be solved by the utility model is that, in view of the above-mentioned deficiencies of the prior art, an AGV trolley driven by a hub motor is provided, and the AGV trolley driven by the hub motor can reduce the number of small sensors according to the quantity, and reduce the cost. The motion position measurement is accurate and the potential instability is reduced. In addition, compared with the visual navigation and the path planning of the magnetic navigation, the dependence on the working environment of the trolley is small, and the trolley cannot be operated normally due to the general environmental change.

        In order to solve the above technical problems, the technical solution adopted by the utility model is:

        An AGV trolley driven by a hub motor, including an AGV trolley, a hub motor, a controller, a path planning module, a detection wheel module, and a vehicle body deviation adjustment control module.

        The drive wheels of the AGV trolley are driven by the hub motor.

        The path planning module is built in the controller for planning several positioning points on the traveling path of the AGV trolley and providing coordinate information of each positioning point.

        The detecting wheel module is configured to record the driving condition of the AGV car and record the current position coordinates of the AGV car, and can determine the steering direction, the dot and the radius of the AGV car。

        The vehicle body deviation adjustment control module is configured to detect whether the AGV car arrives at the positioning point and whether the posture is correct.

       The controller is configured to process the data information provided by the path planning module, the detection wheel module and the vehicle body deviation adjustment control module, and send the driving signal to the hub motor, so that the AGV trolley realizes straight running or differential steering.

       The driving wheels are two, symmetrically disposed at the front bottom of the AGV trolley.

       The detecting wheel module comprises a driven wheel and an encoder, each driven wheel is provided with a driven wheel, and an encoder is arranged on each driven wheel; the encoder can determine the steering direction and circle of the AGV trolley according to the differential speed of the two driven wheels Points and radii。

       The vehicle body deviation adjustment control module is a Hall sensor disposed on both sides of the central axis of the front of the AGV car chassis。

         It also includes a universal wheel that is symmetrically placed at the bottom of the rear of the AGV trolley。

        It also includes an infrared sensor that is placed around the AGV trolley.

        After adopting the above structure, the utility model can reduce the number of small sensors according to the quantity, reduce the cost, accurately measure the movement position of the trolley, and reduce the potential unstable factors; in addition, compared with the visual navigation and the path planning of the magnetic navigation, the work on the trolley The environment is less dependent and will not cause the car to malfunction due to general environmental changes.


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