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Easy Tech Automation Company attacked in the name of servo!

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        In 2019, CIROS China International Robot Exhibition is the largest professional exhibition in China in the field of robotics。 It has been highly recognized by the International Robot Federation (IFR) for four consecutive years。 It is the only robot in China that has received IFR support。 The industrial chain exhibition platform is also known as one of the world's three major robot exhibitions。 Shenzhen Yiji Automation Co。, Ltd。 will present high-precision, high-level servo system to bring you professional industry solutions。

        Shenzhen Easy Tech Automation Technology Co。, Ltd。 was born in Shenzhen, the earliest and most famous special economic zone in China。 It is a high-tech company specializing in precision motion control, sales, system integration and technical services。 Graduate students from famous universities in China。 Team creation。 The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, and has offices in Shanghai, Beijing and other places。 The business covers all major provinces and cities in northern China, and its customers are widely distributed in logistics, warehousing, industrial robots, AGV, forklifts, military, aerospace and other special industries。


        The company's products cover the entire motion control field, including all kinds of motion controllers for AGV vehicles, low-voltage AC/DC servo motors, linear motors, drive wheels, reducers and other mechanical moving parts as well as sensors, multi-axis positioning systems, and robot systems. The company's core technical staff has nearly 30 years of industry work experience, and constantly promotes advanced technology, reliable quality and excellent performance of motion control products. It has become an important partner and preferred partner of OEM equipment manufacturers, AGV manufacturers and logistics forklift enterprises. supplier.

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